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Dr Jagath C Ekanayake

Landcare Research

Research Involvement

Dr Jagath C Ekanayake

Jagath began his career with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1979. In 1991, he gained his PhD in natural resources engineering from Lincoln University. For more than 25 years, he has been a Chartered Member of the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand. His research includes 32 publications and four patents, with two successfully commercialised. He has a sound knowledge of soil physics, civil engineering (design and construction of irrigation canals, concrete bridges, soil mechanics, and slope stability), electronics, and instrument design.

“I am responsible for the design and implementation of the hardware and software for the Hill Country Futures project, to guide which legume forage mixes will more likely thrive in which landscapes. I will design the long-range (LORA) wireless sensor networks to cover catchments over 10 square kilometres, measuring soil moisture and temperature at a single depth. The data will be stored locally and transmitted to the Amazon cloud, so it will be available online in real time to help quantify and map the landscapes.”