Development of a 'pathways' framework

About 300 farmers and stakeholders have been interviewed to identify the changes needed in farming principles and practices to secure the future of both hill country farmers and their communities.

With the help of the interviews, a clear vision for a resilient hill country future is being identified and guidance for farmers on how to work towards it at a farm and/or catchment scale is being developed. The guidance will be presented in the form of a framework that outlines the priority issues that need to be focused on in order to move closer towards the resilient hill country futures vision.

This framework has come to be known as the “Pathways-Framework”- a title which recognises the intention of it being used to guide decision making for farmers and catchment groups on their journey towards greater resilience.

Lead scientist: Dr Katherine Dixon

Team members: Professor Henrik Moller , Christina Berneheim, Nicolas (Nic) Caviale-Delzescaux , Sam Lang, Ange McFetridge

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