Massey University Tuapaka farm

Massey University's Tuapaka Farm provides a facility for quality research, teaching and extension in sheep and beef farming. It is particularly used in research investigating aspects of hill country farming. More info here.  
A large grazing trial (2 ha) at Massey Tuapaka has been established. Tuapaka was planted with 1000 plants each of three native species: Pāpāuma, Taupata and Māhoe plus Salix Kinuyanagi as a standard. This site will be grazed to enable the assessment of livestock (sheep) response to different native forages and the effects of grazing on shrubs. Also, the Mātauranga Māori of the native shrub species in the study will be investigated.

Biodiversity trials

Evaluation trials for native plant species have been established at two sites, Mahia and Massey No 4. Species evaluated include Houhere (Hoheria populnea), Pāpāuma (Griselinia littoralis), Karamū (Coprosma robusta), Whauwhaupaku (Pseudopanax arboreus), Karo (Pittosporum crassifolium), and Kinuyanagi (Salix schwerinii). Trials at Mahia and Massey No 4 have been assessed for survival, vigour and forage traits.