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Christina Berneheim

Ecosystems Consultants

Research Involvement

Christina Berneheim

Christina has an international and interdisciplinary background in nature conservation, rural development and social sciences. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biological Sciences in Zoology from the University of Edinburgh and a Master of International Nature Conservation from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. After working abroad for a start-up business and a regional council, Christina has focused her doctoral studies on adoption of agroecological production systems in New Zealand dairy farms. She aims to lead and support research on regenerative agriculture, to help improve farmers’ bottom line, increase social resilience and combat climate change.

“For the Hill Country Futures project, I’ll be interviewing a range of stakeholders within the hill country farming sector and performing data analysis for reports. My work will enable farmers’ voices to be heard, providing guidance to policy-makers and industry bodies on how best to support them and future-proof their farms in a changing world.”