Postgraduate students

The Hill Country Futures programme is supporting the next generation of researchers and improving New Zealand’s future research capability through several postgraduate scholarships.

Marcus Vinicius Talamini Junior

PhD student
Lincoln University

Research Involvement

Marcus Vinicius Talamini Junior

Marcus has a double degree in Agronomics, a Bachelor of Science from ESALQ/USP, Brazil, and an Ingénieur Agronôme from AgroParisTech, France. His Master of Science from ESALQ/USP is in agricultural systems engineering. Marcus is interested in water in agriculture, and ways to improve water management in relation to irrigated and non-irrigated sites. His overseas research has focused on creating or refining existing parameters to improve the environmental management of farms, while maintaining profitability. He is now applying his knowledge and experience to New Zealand farms.

“In my PhD project at Lincoln for the Hill Country Futures programme, I am characterising plant agronomical and physiological traits under different water and nitrogen levels. The aim is to understand how plants change according to different environmental conditions and resource availability, to create equations that predict forage yield. This will provide farmers with an extra decision-making tool when managing their productive systems.”