Postgraduate students

The Hill Country Futures programme is supporting the next generation of researchers and improving New Zealand’s future research capability through several postgraduate scholarships.

Jian Liu (Frank)

Research Associate
Plant and Food Research

Research Involvement

Jian Liu (Frank)

Frank has a Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Sciences and three years of research experience in data science and workflow automation. He is carrying out the water extraction work for the Hill Country Futures programme to help develop a robust model for estimating legume yield and suitability across various New Zealand landscapes.

“My work is to improve existing biophysical legume models to represent the crop response to water stress. The key challenges are defining the parameters and quickly evaluating performance of the model. It’s important the model is robust, so we can simulate crop yield under climate change scenarios on a national scale. The interactive map will show farmers and policy makers areas of potential risk under extreme weather conditions.”