Postgraduate students

The Hill Country Futures programme is supporting the next generation of researchers and improving New Zealand’s future research capability through several postgraduate scholarships.

James Chege Wangui

PhD Student
School of Agriculture and Environment, Massey University

Research Involvement

James Chege Wangui

Wangui has a Master of Science in Livestock Production Systems from Egerton University in Kenya. He has working experience in pastoral production systems and research interest in livestock systems dynamic modelling. His PhD study assesses the use of the native browse shrubs as potential fodder for sheep on the sheep and beef Hill Country Farms.

“My research focuses on the impacts to farm economics and sheep production of using native shrubs on the steep parts of the hill country farms. The aim is to assess the economic significance of withdrawing part of the steep portions of the hill country farms from sheep grazing to planting native plants. Forage yield and nutritive value will be assessed to determine the fodder potential of the native shrubs. The above ground biomass will be used to determine their carbon sequestration and carbon income potential.”