Postgraduate students

The Hill Country Futures programme is supporting the next generation of researchers and improving New Zealand’s future research capability through several postgraduate scholarships.

Arulmageswaran (Arul) Shampasivam

PhD student
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Lincoln University

Research Involvement

Arulmageswaran (Arul) Shampasivam

Arul is an agriculturist with more than 15 years’ experience in primary sector production. Involved in New Zealand dairy management since 2014, he has experience of production challenges in herbage biomass – specifically, plant community response to grazing management, productivity and forage quality.

“My research for the Hill Country Futures programme focuses mainly on diversifying pasture species for improved growth and herbage yield (in relation to grazing management) and developing a model for herbage yield with respect to major driving forces – namely, temperature, moisture and nitrogen. This work in herbage biomass production, pasture diversification and yield prediction will help ensure the sustainability of farming in hill country.”