Lead scientists

Dr Cameron Ludemann

Cameron Ludemann Consulting

Team leader

Dr Cameron Ludemann

Cameron has significant experience developing systems for evaluating forage and animal traits. He has a Master of Applied Science from Lincoln University and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. As an agricultural consultant, Cameron has developed livestock genetic selection index models for New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and helped develop a greenhouse gas emission model for New Zealand sheep and beef farms. He was Forage Value Manager at DairyNZ for four years until 2019. Cameron believes his strong relationship with farmers and the New Zealand pasture seed industry are central to the success of the forage selection tool project.

“This work will support farmers to assess forage cultivars for not only their economic value, but also for environmental, social and cultural outcomes. Its aim is also to encourage plant breeders to align their breeding objectives with the traits of most value to sheep and beef farmers. Facilitating positive change through selection will improve a fundamental aspect of sheep and beef farm operations – home grown feed.”