Hill country resilience evaluation system

A ‘pathways’ framework

The 3 key achievements of this research to date:

  1. The breadth and number of stakeholders who were interviewed in the Hill Country Futures work have provided an in-depth and unique data set that will continue to be analysed. The in-depth interview process has built trust between the research team and hill country communities, and over 90% of the people interviewed are willing to provide further contribution and input.
  2. A draft vision has been produced, and the outline of a framework for hill country resilience developed. Both of these outputs have and will be tested in workshops and online surveys to further refine them including with the interviewees.
  3. This research uses collaborative research methods whereby farmers, other hill country stakeholders and the Hill Country Futures research team are all working together to understand the challenges and pathways to resilient hill country futures. The research process (using interviews, workshops and surveys) coupled with multiple presentations to various audiences (farmer and scientific) has facilitated conversations about resilience in the hill country sector between multiple stakeholders. These conversations are increasing the awareness of the Hill Country Futures programme and possible pathways towards hill country resilience.

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